BIC# 384

Why Recycle?


  • It is possible to achieve significant reductions in the cost of buying office paper by reducing paper use and reusing paper where possible.
  • Eliminating office from waste may reduce waste bills by as much as 50%.
  • Making new paper from old paper uses 30% to 55% less energy than making paper from trees and reduces related air pollution by 95%.
  • Each day American businesses generate enough paper to circle the globe at least 40 times!
  • 77% of paper waste generated in offices is recyclable.
  • Typical business offices generate about 1.5 pounds of waste paper per employee each day.
  • Nearly half of typical office paper waste is high grade office paper.
  • Recycling one ton of paper typically saves about 6.7 cubic yards of landfill space. A cubic yard of stacked office paper weighs about 380 pounds. Cost savings may be estimated by multiplying the tons recycled by 6.7 times the cost per cubic yard for waste disposal (if by volume) of by cost per ton (if by weight).
  • Commercial and residential paper waste accounts for more than 40% of waste going to the landfill. Eliminating this paper from our waste would nearly double the lives of current landfills.
  • Newspaper is recycled into newspaper, game boards, egg cartons, gift boxes, animal bedding, insulation, and packaging material.
  • Office paper is recycled into office paper, tissue paper, paper towels, and toilet paper.
  • Corrugated cardboard is recycled into new cardboard and cereal boxes.

Resources Saved Per Ton of Paper Recycled

  • 17 trees
  • 275 pounds of sulphur
  • 350 lbs of limestone
  • 9,000 lbs of steam
  • 60,000 gal of water
  • 225 kilowatt hours
  • 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space



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